Kake is inspiration for many colleagues, also a symbol of international recognition. Countless awards prove his success, most notably a the Goya in photography, Kodak European Gold Award, and wedding and portrait European QEP.

Kake is “Master Photographer Instructor”, also Spanish Federation of Professional Photographers (FEPFI) “Qualifier Judge”.

For these reasons, the main commercial firms claim his services to give national and international conferences. Nowadays he is Ambassador Photographer of Olympus, Floricolor and Cactus Image.

His unmistakable style baed on naturalness and care of details, make each of his wedding works unique. Not surprisingly, he is recommended photographer in Galicia by the prestigious magazine Vogue Bride.

Kake (seen by Pepe and Alfonso)

He is a guy with principles and with clear ideas. He hates to drive and he loves olives… any kind of olives!!!

He is leather, wherever you go, everybody knows him and appreciates him.

He is a person with a great sense of humour. Traveling together ” when we go to a wedding”, is get into the car and we cannot stop laughing.

We are lucky to have him as friend and partner.

He is Kake.

Entrevista de MYWED a Kake Regueira

If you could go back in time, what would you do differently?

Actually, I think I’m happy with my life, my family, my friends, I do not think I need to change anything

What motivates you to continue taking pictures?

 Simply I love photography, I do not need to motivate myself, and I feel like I’m doing something important for other people.

Do you think your parents should have been more or less strict?

They have been excellent parents

Are you photogenic?

It is not important to be photogenic or not, for that reason it is something that I do not think about.

How did you get to wed photography sector?

I love to photograph people and weddings are very sweet moments in which many feelings come out and I like to capture them.

In your opinion, which are the most important elements in a good photograph?

The most important thing for me, is the normativity, what can tells us that image, if we also add creative, compositive and technical values, much better.

Do you like travelling?

I love to travel and bring my own memories of the trip.

What do you like most about your profession?

What I like most is to capture in images the small or great stories of people to last in time.

What do you like less about your profession?

I would feel sad if I get into the routine.

What will be the future of wedding photography?

I hope there are no big changes and we continue to record the people happiness.

What is special about the wedding photography?

All that is generated around, emotion, feelings and happiness.

How do you handle criticism?

I analyse them but I do not worry too much, it is known that we will not do things to everyone’s liking.

Is there a trend in wedding photography?

The trends are in everything that surrounds us; nevertheless I do not like to follow them completely, although we make small winks to them.

What should be the criterion of brides and grooms when it comes to choosing the wedding photographer?

I think the most important thing is to connect and have a mutual feeling. Because, on the wedding day there will be a very deep coexistence between the couple and the photographer so the trust has to be mutual.

What is not allowed in any way when taking a picture?

I do not have any contraindications for this

What aspects can the wedding photographer capture that non-expert people cannot normally see?

It is completely different what a guest can capture, even though he has a great knowledge of photography; and a professional who will be dedicated in body and soul to that event. For this reason, the results are very different.

What influences the value of a photograph? What are its elements?

This question is already answered, I think

In your opinion, what person could be a symbol of the 21st century?

I would not say a person as a symbol of a century.

Who would you like to photograph?

I have no interest in any particular person, I love the portrait but it does not have to be someone important

Do you have professional taboos?

I do not.

Do you think you reproduce the soul of the person you photograph?

I think a good portrait, speaks about the portrayed from the inside; but photographing the soul seems very ethereal.

With whom would you like to be photographed?

I have no interest in any particular character. I like to photograph myself with people who stand out in their lives.

What are you worried about and why?

I worry that there is no affection and we allow so much suffering around us. Those who have to make decisions so that this does not happen, they solve nothing but their own interests.

What has been the most shocking moment in your life?

Related with photography, when they gave me the Goya Prize and recently the Kake Regueira Prize of Photography that they have established with my name and that will be given to photographers who have stood out for their innovation or for their professional career.

If you were an animation, literary or film character, who would you like to be and why?

I do not like or need to look like someone else that I am not, however I think I would stay with Bart Simpson, I’m a Little naughty.

Who inspires you in your life and why?

Life itself inspires me; you only have to look at it with different eyes continuously

How would you define success? How do you measure it?

Success is being happy with the life you have with your people and your friends who love you and appreciate you. The rest would be recognition of success that is no longer so important

What do you prefer, like or feel respected?

I like that my work is valued and respected; but I also like that people likes me and feel loved and appreciated.

What is the biggest mistake you have made in your work?

I do not have the feeling of having made very big mistakes,

When you travel, what do you take with you and why?

My little Olympus I can carry it everywhere

Do you regret any of the gadgets you bought? Why?

I do not.

How are you trained to take the best pictures?

Looking at many images, literature and film also appealed to me.

Who owns the work that has influenced you the most as a wedding photographer?

Jerry Ghionis, Fer Juaristi, Frank Bouttunet, Susana Barbera, Christman Studios, Davinia and Daniel, Two Men, etc.

What is the only thing you wish you had known when you started taking pictures?

Photography is a continuous learning, we are always learning

What do you want to say with your photographs?

Tell true stories. Does that sound small to you? I think it’s a lot, do not? What do you think?

What do you think of life on other planets?

I do not worry, what has to be will be in due time.

Who are your heroes?

I have no idea of ​​any superhero. The real heroes are those who go out every day and fight for better life conditions

Whom do not you respect?

Most of the politicians that we have in this era.

What do you do in your free time?

Travel, photography, I play paddle and golf and I enjoy with family and friends

Which is your unknown side that people never want to see?

I do not know.

Are you completely satisfied with your work?

I am satisfied, but I still have restlessness

Do you believe in the traditional roles of men and women?

I do not believe in them. However, men and women, we are different.

Do you make friends easily?

I think yes, I have enough and good friends, if you want you can be my friend, just tell me.

Where would you like to live?

I am very comfortable in my city; nevertheless I would like to alternate some of my time with another city with sea and with sunniest winter.

What is the senseless thing you have agreed to do?

I do not have something stupid in my mind, however this interview is already elongating too much ha ha ha ha

Is there life after marriage?

Of course! There is always life after all.

Do you have a favourite joke? Tell us about it

In the Wild West, the soldier tells the captain: my captain, my captain, the Indians are coming,

The captain answers: are they friends or enemies

The soldier responds: They must be friends, they are coming together


Do you like dogs or cats?

My daughters have two dogs, a Schnauzer and a Havana bichon and we are delighted with them. They are adorable and give us company and affection.

Who or what do you hate?

The leaders we have

Do you only take wedding pictures?

No, I like all kinds of photography.

The best of your life is:

My family and friends

The most annoying thing of your life is:

Nothing specific

Is there something around you that you would like to change?

I would like to change something in this high competitive and selfish society

What would you like to change about yourself?

I’m a bit stubborn

What would you like to change about the world?

Perhaps that everyone have a decent life

Could you offer some tips to wedding photographers that are starting?

To be a good person, to love the others and do not stop reading and doing photography

If the aliens came to Earth and you were the only person they met, what would you tell them?

Hi, do you want to be my friend?

If you were called as a film photographer, what genre would you belong to?

I do not understand the question, but I would like it to be a film that has elements that enhance the images, good landscapes, good portraits, good environments, etc.

Tomorrow I am going to do…

Continue to enjoy with my family, my friends, my trips, continue enjoying this life.