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Pazo de Brexo.
In the arm of Sainza you can read tattooed: “You will always be my most beautiful chance”, we add to that beautiful phrase green forests and sounds of ancestral bagpipes, and we will have the beautiful Wedding of Sainza and Jacobo, a Wedding in the Manor of Brexo and with Galician identity, in its own right, because Galicia runs through the veins of these people by inherited and beloved traditions. And so they planned their Wedding.
Already in the Preboda of this pair it was clear that Galicia, along with his love of course, would be the protagonist of the story, as portrayed in his Photographs of Preboda, beautiful photographs sincere and full of affection. The arrival of the Bride was spectacular, climbed to a splendid carriage commanded by a superb black horse, who would take care of bringing the Bride, accompanied by the three children of the couple and Godfather, the father of Sainza. Meanwhile, the Galician folklore group Treixadura was waiting for her to sing Galician traditional sounds, reminiscing of ancient songs, which recalled the tradition and art that was felt around the family of Sainza and, by contagion, all those who were there. The beauty of those moments, of that originality is reflected in the Wedding Photographs, in which that beautiful black horse also played its part. Everything was full of authenticity and life. A unique Wedding.
The bride was beautiful, her lips painted red, hid her desire for laughter, and her eyes makeup with the illusion kept so long, was not a girlfriend to use, maintained her personality in every detail and you could tell she was comfortable in her role of Bride, on the day of their Wedding. The perfect dress for her, like the rest of accessories. Everything was authentic, without artifice, reflecting its history, perpetuating the history of the family, introducing new traditions to incorporate those already lived.

Pazo de Brexo, the perfect setting.
The frame for the Wedding Celebration was perfect. It had to be a special place, a place built with old stones, a place that would fit into the atmosphere created in this Wedding and serve to give vent to so many emotions, desire to celebrate the bond of Sainza and Jacobo, and to feel Galicia in all its art. The place was O Pazo de Brexo, in Coruña. Lucky witness of a Civil Ceremony officiated in Galician, the habitual language of the family, again its land, Galicia, looking for its hollow. Bagpipes, stone, forest and family, the emotions soon appeared. Everyone present there delivered to the magic that had been created, was truly exciting. As a Wedding Photographer I felt very fortunate to share those special moments and to be able to take so special Photographs as well. There were moments of true beauty, such as the reading by the two older children of the couple, who had been so lovingly prepared for their parents; these readings were able to tear up even the most rude of the audience.
Each and every one of the guests were complicit in the illusion, every second, every emotion and had no qualms about being carried away by the moment. No one measured their joy, a truly authentic Wedding. And those tears of joy resulted in unique, truly special photos that will undoubtedly become wonderful memories for the couple throughout their lives; another passage in the personal history of this special family, another chapter to add to their tradition and to tell the grandchildren, Sainza and Jacobo. Because this is a Wedding Report, in capturing the essence of a Wedding, the truth of a Wedding, creating unique and special photographs, very personal, to keep forever what that day was lived, because it will not be repeated. So important is the work of a Wedding Photographer.
And after the if I want, after the kiss, the many kisses actually, came the celebration. Again the group Treixadura, magnificent, was hollowed in place with traditional Galician music, its music, and it was a pleasure and a luxury to hear them live so close, very intense. As intense was the moment when the sister of the bride, Susana Seivane, joined the group in his bagpipe, and to add more intensity if it fits, later the father of both would complete the concert, unforgettable.

Pazo de Brexo, a special place
I was able to enjoy, as a Wedding Photographer, one of those magical moments that gives you this beautiful profession, because they allowed me to enter the middle of the group, literally in the middle, between pipers and troubadours, between muñeiras and tambourines, to be able to portray everything , to photograph everything and I must confess that even I joined the emotion of the moment, the music was not only heard could be played. True magic, as I said, a special Wedding, in a special land like Galicia.
There was no distinction between guests and family, musicians, actors, friends, art and feelings, all were one around the bride and groom couple, newlyweds. Everyone, a great family with a lot of life, with much enthusiasm in the throat and a lot of surrender.
The wedding of Sainza and Jacobo was in the Pazo de Brexo and was without a doubt a celebration of life, of the joy of meeting and, as I said, of the joy that the pieces fit. As I could see in the sincere embrace between Jacobo and the father of Sainza when getting out of the carriage, more than father-in-law, more than son-in-law son. As I was saying, they were all and still are, a great Family.
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Pazo de Brexo. A Coruña

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Pazo de Brexo. 15659 Cambre, A Coruña