Years of experience and recognition in the sector guarantee him as one of the most prestigious photographers in Galicia.

His photographs are known because of their freshness and dynamism, his careful compositions and his ability to play with light. Proof of this is that Spanish and Portuguese photographers associations claim his services to provide workshops to their members.

Intuition and empathy are his greatest virtues, they allow him to connect in a very special way with his clients, and something that would be reflected in al his works.

Pepe (seen by Alfonso and Kake)

Pepe is healthy, simple and transparent; he is a close guy, caring and thoughtful man. He loves tranquillity, countryside, walks, good music, his family and his cats.

We will always remember the first time we did an outside shoot session with him; he put on his mountain boots and he completely changed. When he has a camera on his hands he is pure vitality, which transmits to others. Each of his sessions guarantees fun!

He will make you ran, jump, laugh and enjoy… be prepared!!

Entrevista de MYWED a Pepe Faraldo

If you could go back in time, what would you do differently?

I would try to enjoy more every minute of my life … that is what I try every day that I remember.

What motivates you to continue taking pictures?

Every time I take the camera in my hand, my whole body responds in a special way.

Do you think your parents should have been more or less strict?

All of us as parents and as children do our best in our circumstances. Mine have been wonderful and I try to be better every day.

Are you photogenic?

Yesss, as I am only in few photos, every time I see me in one, I love myself.

How did you get to wed photography sector?

Life takes you step by step to what is best given to you. And I love the emotional point reached at weddings.

In your opinion, which are the most important elements in a good photograph?

If it’s wedding, the emotion certainly; and secondly the lighting.

Do you like travelling?

I love it!

What do you like most about your profession?

Being able to share glorious moments with other people.

What do you like less about your profession?

The weight of the equipment.

What will be the future of wedding photography?

Increasingly better images and more surprising; the audiovisual world demands more each time, and that is good.

What is special about the wedding photography?

As I said before, everyone is happy and excited and the photographer is contaminated by all that.

How do you handle criticism?

More or less, they weigh me a lot, he he

Is there a trend in wedding photography?

Without any doubt; and we are changing, within what is your own personality. You never lose it.

What should be the criterion of brides and grooms when it comes to choosing the wedding photographer?

The most important thing is the connection and the feeling, and that they feel in love of the work of the photographer that they choose.

What is not allowed in any way when taking a picture?

Nothing … I take all circumstances as natural and try not to influence almost anything.

What aspects can the wedding photographer capture that non-expert people cannot normally see?

Phew, almost everything; a good photographer sees everything different.

What influences the value of a photograph? What are its elements?

The more you express with a single image, better would be the picture; the more you count, the more you feel, etc.

In your opinion, what person could be a symbol of the 21st century?

I think it is still to be born; the world must change a lot from now if we want to improve.

Who would you like to photograph?

Anybody…. I just want to see the essence of others in my photos. Everyone interests me.

Do you have professional taboos?

I do not.

Do you think you reproduce the soul of the person you photograph?

The soul does not; but I try.

With whom would you like to be photographed?

I have no special interest in any idol.

What are you worried about and why?

Inequality … I would love for the whole planet to have its needs covered.

What has been the most shocking moment in your life?

I’d rather not talk about this.

If you were an animation, literary or film character, who would you like to be and why?

The one that came to mind is Charlotte, because of the joy that radiates.

Who inspires you in your life and why?

I have many influences … I do not choose anyone in particular

How would you define success? How do you measure it?

Being happy day by day, or at least trying is a big challenge.

What do you prefer, like or feel respected?

Feeling respected.

What is the biggest mistake you have made in your work?

Ha ha ha, not putting the reel in the camera has sometimes been some mistake.

When you travel, what do you take with you and why?

A small camera … because if I take the big one I concentrate too much and I do not attend my family.

Do you regret any of the gadgets you bought? Why?


How are you trained to take the best pictures?

Cinema, advertising, photographers I admire, magazines, etc.

Who owns the work that has influenced you the most as a wedding photographer?

Fer Juaristi

What is the only thing you wish you had known when you started taking pictures?

Every day, I learn more and more

What do you want to say with your photographs?

I want the people I photograph to recognize themselves as something real and not as an invention.

What do you think of life on other planets?

I think there is life on other planets; think that in such a large universe we are the only ones is a little dumb.

Who are your heroes?

I have no heroes.

Whom do not you respect?

No one. We are all respectable and do what seems best to us at that moment and with those circumstances.

What do you do in your free time?

I take care of me, sports, read, and relax.

Which is your unknown side that people never want to see?

If they know me a little, they all want to see my unknown sides.

Are you completely satisfied with your work?

Of course I am not.

Do you believe in the traditional roles of men and women?

In a way nature does its job and sometimes humans seem wrong and we want to change everything … but it is a question to answer more deeply.

Do you make friends easily?

Yes, I have no problems with anyone.

Where would you like to live?

Lately in a warmer place, ha ha ha … Galicia is very hard in winter.

What is the senseless thing you have agreed to do?

It is impossible to remember … surely many, like everyone.

Is there life after marriage?

Yes, of course.

Do you have a favourite joke? Tell us about it

Dad, dad, which is further away, Seville or the Moon ???

Can you see Seville, son ??? !!!

Do you like dogs or cats?

Yes, too much. I love animals.

Who or what do you hate?

No one … it is too bad for oneself to have hatred inside.

Do you only take wedding pictures?

No, I love portrait and nature.

The best of your life is:

My family and my good friends.

The most annoying thing of your life is:

I’d rather not think of those things. Live life joyful and funny !!

Is there something around you that you would like to change?

Yes, so many things, it is better not start.

What would you like to change about yourself?

Nothing … everything is useful for me to learn.

What would you like to change about the world?

I have already answered it above.

Could you offer some tips to wedding photographers that are starting?

Do it with enthusiasm and never lose it.

If the aliens came to Earth and you were the only person they met, what would you tell them?

What will they take from me?

If you were called as a film photographer, what genre would you belong to?

Comedy, I think

Tomorrow I am going to do…