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Spain Wedding Photographer

One of the memories that I brought in the suitcase was the smile of Iria when opening the door to her house in Barcelona. It was clear that my objective, that of my camera, had to capture that light, that illusion, the same that Alberto was infecting me during our drive from the airport. I knew, when I met him, and I had it clearer, if I could see them together, that they were one of those couples who spread their love and their desire, their joy and their enthusiasm for celebrating. And I knew I wanted to tell you, that my camera wanted to give you back all your emotions in pictures. Emotions dressed naturally, full of life!
They told me how they met, that first date in a small cafeteria in San Cugat del Vallés. We were close and they took me, their steps and their memories took me by the hand to one of their moments, those moments that are kept, and I also kept them, more inspiration, more desire to tell. The same meringue pie and time walking without haste. Because when a couple fits everything fits with them. And I, with the feeling of not being strange but close, my friend, bound my craving for Wedding, his Wedding.
Finally the big day. A beautiful civil ceremony in an idyllic setting, the Pazo de Vilaboa, in Coruña. And among stones and old stories the bride and groom were preparing, nerves grew and laughter flourished from every corner. Elves dressed as Ladies of Honor came to fetch the tickles of the Bride that she let herself be loved, let go. When love is joined to the fun, the moments that are obtained are unrepeatable.
There was only one ingredient left, Santander. Alberto’s homeland, Miengo, claimed his place in the couple’s story. And there we went, to be captivated by the beauty of the Natural Park of the Dunes of Liencres. I let the camera play with them, let the powerful environment envelop us, impossible a better frame for your photos. A golden snap for an incredible couple.
And I can only thank you, couple, for having been able to be part of your day, of your Wedding, for having known, well, as you are, and thus I wish you the future, happy and happy.

Spain wedding Photographer

Do you want to title your love story ?: Love, if it is not crazy, it is not Love

Your little story ?: We met in Barcelona, ​​we worked in the same hospital and in an unexpected moment of our lives we met, it was a crush. That is why, from our love story, we say that … Love, if it is not madness, is not Love. From that moment we gave it all for one another.

Wedding Dress: Dream Model. Rosa Clará 2016 Collection

Bride Shoes: Membur

Jewelry: Earrings of pearls and diamonds rendered by his mother. Engagement ring type princess of diamonds.

Hairstyle: Rectangled with lateral braid – Sonia Vázquez

Makeup: MAC – Laura

Costume of the Bridegroom: Collection 2016 Mr. Barcelona.

Complements: Engagement Gift Tag Heuer Carrera Caliber 5 Watch

Ring, Alliances, gifts: Alliances in white and yellow gold by Acredo

Floral Decoration: Magnolia Concept Design

Banquet: Pazo de Vilaboa

Pastry: Pandelino Coruña bridal cake

Music: Musgalia and Mundocio

Wedding Planner: Los Novios

How was your experience with Emovere Studios ?: Unbeatable in every way. From the beginning they have made it very easy, always ready to do different things and move where needed. They are very close people and make you feel very comfortable. They love their work and that shows in every photo. From the first photo we could see the very high quality of the work they have done, which has also been discussed by many family and guests. For us they have been something more than our photographers.

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Pazo de Vilaboa | Rúa Souto, 2, 15174 Culleredo, A Coruña