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We are Spanish wedding photographers and we perform wedding photography in any national and international destination. We consider ourselves privileged because we love our profession and have the great luck to enjoy our work, which leads us to perform each of our wedding reports with the same illusion and responsibility as the first.

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This is how we understand in Emovere wedding photography, with natural photographs and without poses. From our point of view the work of the wedding photographer should be to document what happens on the day of your wedding and intervene as little as possible. Only in this way, we will be able to capture the great moments that will make you enjoy great photographs tomorrow.

Spanish wedding Photographers

In Emovere Studios we are 4 wedding photographers (Kake, Pepe, Alfonso and Adri) with their corresponding helpers, which allows us to offer a guarantee service for the day of your wedding. Our work has been recognized by the most important manufacturers of professional photography and the largest photographic laboratory in Europe.

Spain Wedding Photographers

There are many ways to understand Wedding Photography, many ways to look at a story, your story and capture it in photographs. It is possible that the best expression that defines our work is Emotive Photography or also known as documentary photography, because that is what we do from our study in A Coruña, we look for the emotion of each moment and we capture it for you.

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Emotional wedding photography

The reason is simple, a Wedding is, above all, pure emotion and that emotion is the one we are looking for every moment.
Because the day of your wedding is unique and unrepeatable, every detail is important, every second is priceless, every person who is at your side, whether family or guest, means a lot to you.

Spain Wedding Photographers

There are many emotions, you see, the word emotion emerges alone. Tears of joy, nervous smiles, plans of the future drawn in an accomplice look. A thousand emotions, a thousand photographs capable of returning you to the exact moment in which that image was taken.
That through the Photographs of your Wedding and without effort, everything happens again as if it were the same day, because an emotion has that power when it is converted into a memory, to get you to travel in time and to smile again with the same intensity and with the same desires. Thus we work in EMOVERE ESTUDIOS (A Coruña), that’s why we are PHOTOGRAPHERS OF WEDDINGS in A Coruña.

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And if capturing the emotion is fundamental to our work, getting you, the Bride and Groom, forget the camera and the photographer, is an essential requirement. The inns never work, you can see the mock gesture, you feel the discomfort, you lose the naturalness completely, especially on the day of the Wedding, where time passes by and more than being in front of a camera, you want to have fun, enjoy your day.
For that reason, ours is wedding photography without posados, we are photographers of spontaneous Photography, Natural photography and, above all, photographers that we look for the Funny photography.
We love to have around you, the Bride and Groom, all those special people, who care about you and who brings you warmth and joy on such a special day. And the result is pictures full of life and real moments, are real photographs, in which you will recognize each gesture as your own and nothing will be artificial or pretend.

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All this that we are telling you depends on something basic and very simple, the communication that will be established between us Wedding photographers and you Bride and Groom. We want to know everything, every detail of your personal history, what is important for you, places, details, anecdotes.

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Because we are going to try to convert each of those pieces of your particular puzzle into a Photograph.
They are special photographs, which in addition to the aesthetic impact, enclose a story, yours, and that adds value for you incalculable Bride and Groom. That is why we will speak as being among friends, without unnecessary formalisms, because it is time to have fun and enjoy that great event that is your Wedding.
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In order to be able to work in this way, the EMOVERE STUDIOS (A Coruña) Photographers team is in constant formation, we need to be up-to-date on the latest and most advanced in terms of Photography and Editing.

Spanish Wedding Photographers

We strive to be very good at our work, endorsed by our long history as Wedding Photographers in Coruña and the already numerous awards, mentions and prizes received, which continue to grow thanks to couples like you, who allow us to unleash our creativity always within your desires and your personal history.
The Emovere Studios Wedding Photographers Team:

1. Kake Regueira – Spanish Wedding Photographer

2. Pepe Faraldo – Spanish Wedding Photographer
3. Alfonso Novo – Spanish Wedding Photographer
4. Adrián Faraldo – Spanish Wedding Photographer
5. Photo assistants and auxiliary staff

Being such a complete team, both personally and professionally, we can cover any idea that you have in mind, in A Coruña or anywhere else at any time. We are clear to what we dedicate our effort and our time, to our great passion: the Wedding Photography.

Spanish Wedding Photographers

A Wedding is a day full of emotional moments, full of spontaneous gestures, laughter and fun. There is no place for invented photographs, in which the bride and groom are asked to leave their party to pose in front of a camera. That cold and distant way of photographing a wedding is a thing of the past.
Fortunately the trends are changing and EMOVERE STUDIOS (A Coruña) can take pride in being at the forefront of these new trends in Wedding Photography, not only in A Coruña, but also in the national territory, where it is pursued, above everything, naturalness.
It is simple, if a Wedding Photography is natural, then it is real, it is your Wedding of truth, they are your memories of truth, there are no posados, there is no lie. Each image, every moment, will be a memory that will return you to the exact moment in which the Photo was taken. That’s the way we are and that’s how we work. We are Photographers of Natural Weddings in Coruña.

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Our studio is in A Coruña and our team is composed of four photographers, four professionals with wide experience and identical passion for their work. Each of us brings our own unique brand of identity when it comes to making a Wedding Report, but if we work together, if we are together in this fantastic world of Weddings, it is because we think and feel Wedding Photography in the same way.

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And the word naturalness is repeated in our mouths, captured in our objectives and reflected in your final photographs. That naturalness is born of the emotional Photography that defines us as professionals.
They go hand in hand, as you the Bride and go hand in hand on the day of your Wedding, in our way of understanding and doing, you can not separate the emotionality of naturalness, because they are born from each other.

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It is the way in which we can offer you what you are seeing in our gallery, Natural, emotional photography, that derives in different wedding photographs, because every moment is different, every situation, every couple of Bridegrooms are unique and so should be your pictures different, fun, fresh, full of life, full of truth.
Wedding Photographers Without Inns
So will your Wedding Photos. We will depart from your history, from your ideas, from your dreams, and give you form. We know how to create an atmosphere of complicity and comfort between you and the photographers, so that this naturalness is never lost, no matter how intimate or emotional the moment may be.

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A Wedding is full of moments like this, special and full of sensitivity. That naturality is what our cameras are looking for and the one we want to make your memories, your perfect Wedding Report. We do not admit faults, naturalness is not at odds with know-how.
Our level of exigency for our work is maximum. It is possible that natural photography seems to be the result of chance, seen from eyes that are unaware of the work that hides behind that result.
The level of attention we must maintain is maximum, attention to every detail, every movement, gesture, laughter, tear, wink, whatever, without forgetting that story that you have told us. All this taking care of the light, the framing, technical aspects that, in fact, it is not necessary nor to explain, because it is not necessary, because they feel when you are in front of the final photograph. Anybody knows, anyone who gets carried away by what this Natural Photography conveys to him, feels that it is good, even if he does not know the reason.

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So no nerves before the camera, because you will forget about it. Our Photography is Natural Photography, no poses, no inconvenient moments or photos at the wrong time. It is your wedding day and your job is to enjoy it, ours, to immortalize it.
Surely this sentence loses some sense if you are watching our Photo Gallery, because you will be discovering locations outside the city of Coruña. Our studio, our headquarters, so to speak, is located in Coruña.
For that reason the bulk of the Weddings we cover usually have the Ceremony in this city but we have had weddings in various destinations, and we love to visit other cities !!!

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Spanish Wedding Photographers

That’s why we defined ourselves as Photographers in Coruña or Wedding Photographers in Coruña. But this definition is too short to describe the breadth of our work. One of the reasons why we like to know your history is to look for perfect locations to make Preboda and Postboda Reports. These places have been so many and so different over the years that it would be impossible to remember them all.

It may happen that the Wedding is going to be celebrated in Galicia, but your usual residence is Berlin, to say a city, and it is precious to you to have a report of Preboda in the country that is your second house. So let’s go! We will be happy to fly from A Coruña to your home and share part of your life, which will come with us and our cameras loaded with energy and desire for more.
Or it may happen that the Bride remember with special affection that little cottage orensana in which her Bridegroom showed him the most beautiful ring he had ever seen. It is the perfect place for some emotional and real photographs, full of real feeling that will undoubtedly be reflected in each image.


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And the list of places could follow because there is no limit, although we are in A Coruña, the only limit is your imagination, because we have everything necessary to turn your dreams into reality, although it sounds topical, but it is true. We are a very broad team, four Photographers, Assistants and Auxiliaries, we have more than enough experience, we have not lost an ounce of passion that moves us to work every day more and better.
We can do it because we know how to do it, we can make your emotions transform into memories, in unrepeatable Wedding Photos. The difficult thing will be your task, which to discard and which to choose, because you are going to want them all.
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So do not be afraid to jump on the map, because we love to participate in your illusions, we are honored to share moments as special as those that revolve around a Wedding. And yes, it is true, Galicia is a beautiful place, with surroundings full of beauty, fantastic locations, wonderful Pazos, Casonas, Hotels with sea views.

Besides having a sky that is usually accompanied by some cloud, which is the dream of any Photographer, they are the perfect lights. Without a doubt, if you’re looking for Photographers in Coruña you can stop looking, but do not lock yourself to travel so that Preboda and Postboda have a special meaning, we are delighted to be participants of those places.

In this way, your Wedding Report will be your complete History, we will not limit ourselves to taking a few Photographs of the day of your Wedding, no, we will elaborate a complete, personal, unique and emotional Wedding Report.
Only you, because we like to work in EMOVERE STUDIOS, offering a complete job, full of truth, honest and, of course, fun, natural and joyful, because it is time for joy.

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