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Pazo do Bidueiro | SANDRA AND JOSE

As Wedding Photographers in Spain, we develop with the years and the instinct, a light that ignites before couples of special Bridegrooms. Sandra and Jose were one of those couples. And you want to have the privilege of being chosen as your Photographer and to be able to tell in images the story that they narrate with their words and their gestures.

As Jose stared at Sandra, she told me, with contained emotion, the recent loss of her father and how great that loss had been, how great the relationship between both father and daughter. Jose continued to stare at her, and finally understood that this was his way of looking at her, afraid of losing her between the blinks, wanting to tie every moment in his memory. A lovely couple. Yeah, I wanted that wedding, I wanted that story.

They met on the beach, on the shores of the sea of ​​Baldaio. We found the perfect place to place the Preboda. It was their environment, it was familiar, because they were not missing a summer. So the day flowed with much naturalness and joy. They forgot the camera and, I want to think, they returned to lighter times, between games and laughter. The perfect Preboda, the perfect prelude to the Wedding that would come later.

When you enter a house where five brothers eagerly escort the sixth, to the one who marries, as a Photographer you know that you have good material to work with. You just have to stay tuned while they have fun and if they wanted to have fun, the pictures would speak for themselves.

Sandra was beautiful. As he finished preparing, he took me to the room of his house where he slept the painting he had spoken to me so much, his father and her. And I converted that image into Photography, one of those Photographs that stays forever engraved in your memory, because you know the history behind it and because you feel that, more than Photography itself, you are creating a unique memory. And the Bride fluttered among the people of her House wanting to touch, wanting to love and be loved. It was his day.

Pazo do Bidueiro, in Orrdenes, province of A Coruña, was waiting with an accomplice smile drawn between its ancient stones, to witness an unforgettable moment, the arrival of the Bride. Because Sandra’s father adored a special song and that song was waiting for the Bride. And while the notes, played by thirty Gaiteiros, ascended into the air, so did the kiss Sandra threw from her heart to the sky.

And the Civil Ceremony that followed in the Pazo do Bidueiro echoed the couple’s feelings, laughter and tears of joy were mixed among guests wanting to party, wanting to toast for the Bride and Groom, to celebrate a dear and sincere Wedding from beginning to end. In the meantime, the photographs happened by themselves.

The night arrived and it was difficult to find something in its place. The Fiesta was that, a Fiesta, as it should be at the Weddings. The Bridegroom jumped in the air “chewed” among cheers, as did Sandra’s mother. The shirts were torn and the shoes were lost. There were many reasons for joy at that wedding and they were celebrating in a big way. How beautiful is the Wedding Photography when there are moments like this.

The day came to an end, but life began and, to celebrate, nothing better than a postbode as emotional and beautiful as anything lived until then. Santiago de Compostela, we continued in A Coruña. The City of Culture first and the surroundings of the Cathedral afterwards, were the perfect finishing touch for what this couple deserved, a perfect Wedding.

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Pazo do Bidueiro

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Pazo do Bidueiro