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Tenerife Wedding Photographer | LISETH AND CARLOS

One of the most striking posters of the Wedding Decoration in Tenerife by Liseth and Carlos was without doubt the one that said: “Life is cool and at your side even more.” And that could be the summary of this beautiful wedding, in which a couple with a life already in common, with a family formed, decides precisely that, to make it clear that life together is better. So we flew to the Canary Islands, to Tenerife, its radiant sun and our cameras were witnesses and accomplices of some wonderful days in the life of this couple.

Tenerife Wedding Photographer

We are Tenerife Photographers but we love, above all, to be Wedding Photographers anywhere. For that reason we do not hesitate to leave our homeland for a few days to enjoy the magnificent experience of being Photographers Tenerife. Three photographers of EMOVERE STUDIOS, Alfonso Novo, Kake Regueira and Pepe Faraldo, we moved to cover and to discover the Preboda, Wedding and Postboda of Liseth and Carlos. We wanted to enjoy those landscapes, that light, that different atmosphere and special that Tenerife offers, and get a unique Wedding Report full of color and sun, full of life.
Our Bride and Groom pair were accompanied by their two sons on the day of their Preboda. When in a Preboda are the Bride and his children that report becomes a Feature of Family photography in one of the most special and significant moments for the couple. The children were already taught about their role on the wedding day, because they would be Children of Arras. So this great family had fun among mountainous and rugged landscapes, with earthy base and completely blue skies, a perfect frame for your Preboda Photographs. As expected the children end up tired and we were alone with the couple. It was already dusk and the sunsets in Tenerife have a special colors and a temperature that invites you to stay, camera in hand, to be carried away by the place, for the moment and the complicity of the couple. A great Preboda, some natural photographs and an unforgettable day for some Tenerife photographers. There was less, the wedding was approaching.


The place chosen for the celebration of the Wedding, as much of the preparations of the Novios as Ceremony and Banquet, was a splendid banana estate, Finca Punta del Lomo. Without a doubt a unique opportunity for us, as Photographers Tenerife, to look for original sites and to reflect the essence and character of the place, as well as the same Bride and Groom. For that reason, both the Bride and the Groom, carried out their Preparations outdoors, each near their respective stays, but enjoying the climate and the color of the Islands.
The Bridegroom, Carlos, was surrounded by his friends, his particular godparents, his family and his biceps, because he is a gym man, as is evident in the images. Since the blue color would be the protagonist, so was his vest. No doubt the groom’s bearing was undeniable. As undeniable was his desire to see Liseth dressed as a Bride. We had no doubt that they would form a beautiful couple.

Tenerife Wedding Photographer

Liseth had hung a Wedding Dress from a banana tree while opening a bottle of liquor to share with her four friends, with her four Bridesmaids, her Wedding Preparations. All were already combed and made up, and had dressed in a white male shirt that created a fantastic contrast with their tanned skin. So, among laughter, toast and banana trees, the Bride prepared herself in the best company possible for her big day. Her dress was perfect, and the smile, which never left her, put the finishing touch to a radiant and happy Bride, eager to reach the Ceremony.

Tenerife Wedding Photographer,

Escorted by her Bridesmaids, dressed in blue, of course, with her children as Children of Arras, her family and expectant friends and her Boyfriend waiting, the emotion was opening moment by moment. It would be a very emotional ceremony for everyone. The Bridegroom also had his escort of godparents, his usual friends. Each and every one of those who were there wanted to be and wanted to see Liseth and Carlos forever. The funny note is always something of the little ones of the house and the restlessness of the young son of the pair derived in moments of sincere sympathy that they joyfully broke the great emotional load of the celebration. The readings of her friends, of his friends, the reading of the vows of each of the Bridegrooms, were followed by very intense moments that no one could resist.

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Tenerife Wedding Photographer

Tears of joy and emotion took over the attendees, who only cared about the happiness of the couple and the beauty of the moment. The Ceremony had one of its most special moments with “The ritual of the Arena”, where each Bridegroom pours in a same sand jar from his place of origin, to symbolize the union, not only of their present lives, but of their estate.
To our surprise the sky also decided to get excited and, because of the rain, at the last moment the Banquet moved to the Greenhouse of the Finca, leaving the doors open because the temperature was still very pleasant. Very varied entrees happened before the time to sit at the table to taste the menu that the couple had selected for that special day. You could tell how everyone enjoyed and rejoiced over the couple

It was time for the dance and the Bride, Liseth, surprised everyone there, Boyfriend included, with a change of clothes. He changed his Wedding Dress for a Twenties-inspired short dress in light color, whose fringes accompanied her in each of his movements, without getting off his high heels. And the Novios danced in a big way, she was flying like a feather in the arms of Carlos and the public was enjoying it while they began to encourage to continue with the Fiesta. The dance lasted until the shoes and feet could not do any more. A very fun Wedding with fantastic moments for pictures just as fun and natural, full of happiness and joy. A great wedding for some photographers in Tenerife.

Tenerife Wedding Photographers

For the Photographs of Postboda we went, without hesitation, to the base of Teide. One of the most impressive places in Tenerife. As Photographers Tenerife we ​​seek, for the Postboda Feature enclaves of a special plastic beauty, because the Wedding has already passed and the nerves have gone with her, so we can interact with the couple more relaxed, looking for beauty in each court . The Bride wore her dress and her hair loose, the Groom forgot his tie, relaxed, followed by the special and unique Photographs we were looking for. Without a doubt, being Photographers Tenerife is an enriching and special experience, how special was this great couple, in fact, this great family.

Tenerife Wedding Photographer

Emovere Studios.

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Photographers Tenerife, the wedding of Liseth and Carlos.

Do you want to title your love story? What may seem a priori “Water and Oil”, can be the perfect mix. This phrase was the cover of our wedding invitation because it certainly reflects what our love story is.

Your little love story?

We met at a nightclub, Carlos worked there as a porter and I as a waitress. Carlos says it was love at first sight but if I have to be honest I did not pay much attention to him. One night, after closing the nightclub, when we picked up, he approached me and asked me if I wanted to go with him for a drink one day, I was very nervous, to which I replied that I did not know if I could because I was with the practices and the final exams of the race, a bad excuse, and he realized, so he decided to leave me his phone and told me if he changes his mind that will call him, which I did in 3-4 days. We stayed for a walk and a drink and from that moment we continue to stay and see us to this day. We passed many stages and good and bad moments, our relationship is marked by many comings and goings our first years together but to this day, after 13 years of relationship and two wonderful and wonderful children, Valeria and Mateo, I can presume that I am with the man of my life.

The first thing we did was to find Tenerife Photographers, and then …

Vestido de la Novia: Silk by Marcos & Maria, two designers from Tenerife who are authentic artists, cut mermaid, word of honor.

Shoes: silver I got in a small boutique in La Laguna (Tenerife) while walking with my mother, they were for me !! Yes it was love at first sight.

Jewels: it had some original and beautiful swaroski earrings in the form of drops, small and short that were perfect with the rhinestones that took the suit. It was a gift from my bridesmaids. I also wore a white gold ring with a pearl, that ring was my grandmother’s, my mother took it at her wedding.

Touched: The headdress was made by the same designers of the suit, was made with the same stones and design that the costume wore.

Hairstyle: The hairdressing and makeup was carried out by Juan Castañeda (Tenerife). He made me a low, very classic pickup.

Boyfriend’s suit: He wore a conventional jacket.

Complements: The twins and the tie were of the English cut (Emilio Tucci), the Armani shoes, the twins were a gift from a friend, did not wear a scarf if not a pin made with the same flowers as the bouquet of the bride.

Ring of request: Carlos gave me a ring of white gold with a small diamond inlaid with the jewelry Ideal of Tenerife.

The alliances: A gift from my parents, white gold and pink with a small diamond.

To Carlos give him the day of the wedding a clock with the name of the two and the date of the recorded wedding. It was delivered by our daughter half an hour before the ceremony with a note that she said, “Remember that today we have a 9:30 p.m. appointment, do not miss”.

Floral decoration: The bride’s bouquet and the groom’s and godfather’s catch was made by the florist Alejandro, it was in shades of white, blue and something green. The decoration of the civil ceremony was in charge of the decorator of the team of Beatriz Cabanas and was in orange and fuchsia.

Car: We did not use a car since both the house where we dressed and combed, the place where the ceremony and banquet took place belonged to the same property “Punta del Lomo in Tenerife”

Banquet: At Finca Punta del Lomo. The catering ran from the hand of Beatriz Cabañas. We had a cocktail that lasted 1:15 a.m. and served 12 entremeses, each one more good, then the banquet was made in a “greenhouse” and consisted of cod salad, beef tenderloin in mustard sauce accompanied by vegetables and baked potatoes. The dessert was malteser cake accompanied by a kind of creamy vanilla ice cream.

The tables were decorated with a simple centerpiece of the table with the white flowers and candle and a few balls in turquoise green tone that were to match with the loops of the chairs and menu.

Pastry: The cake was run by the confectioner of the pastry shop Aderno (Tenerife) and the sweet table of a girl named Monica Glez. Sloth

The music: Both the ceremony and the party was chosen by Carlos and me although the Dj also made his contribution.

Photocall: We hired a Photomaton “Sweet company”. It was that people were photographed with different complements (hats, glasses, masks, stuffed animals, wigs, glasses …), they kept one copy and the other one was stuck in an album and wrote a dedication.

Invitations: The invitations were the idea of ​​us and then, the printing press Pastor was who was in charge of giving shape.

Ladies of Honor: They wore an electric blue suit that they bought at a small boutique on the lagoon.

Wedding Planer: Who helped us organize the wedding was Beatriz Cabañas.